Collie's Corner
Jun 01
Not That Bold.

i wish i could say
that my hairy legs
and lack of desire to wear a bra
were the result of feminism
a radical embrace of the natural
a rejection of capitalism, consummerism,
and the beauty norms that are plastered
to the gender people percieve me to be

i am not that bold

my hairy legs
merely the result of fatigue
not enough spoons
to preen and to shine
my braless state
a reaction to unpleasant sensory experiences
too much input
fire on my shoulders, my back

something i cannot keep up

all feminism did to me
was teach me not to be ashamed
that it’s okay to feel
okay to look after myself
in the small ways i can
i am learning not to hate myself
for things beyond my control
things i will one day show pride for

i am not that bold

Feb 06
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a dystopia where in order to have some semblance of decent human rights you have to fit into a set of specific criteria based on  things such as race, gender, sexuality, and income, the ideal combination of which is met only by a small portion of society oh wait

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